Our team is getting bigger and we are glad to receive new colleagues in our team! In the VM team you’ll find the right environment to integrate and to highlight your skills and qualities. Our new colleagues are integrated in educational programs and training systems in order to develop their personal and professional skills and capabilities.

We are looking for new colleagues! Are you ready for a new adventure?

1. PC Operator – finding information though different open-source platforms (social platforms, media) and updating them in the database for later use by the Sales Representatives. After acquiring enough experience in this area of activity, the next step is to be promoted in the Sales department.

2. Sales Representative   – in our organization this job is a little bit out of the box, because the activity isn’t a classic one, with which the sales representatives are used: all the sales process is happening using only the digital tools and platforms, which means that the direct contact in offline with the customer does not exist, as well as the phone conversations.

3. Customer Service Operator – in fact, this job is about the investigation of the work processes of the sales representatives and lead scouters through a random poll, but also of the complaints and possible frauds. Also, you will try to prevent the frauds through your verification.

4. Lead Scouter – searching and finding leads through specific techniques, in order to allow the sales specialists to use them. After acquiring enough experience in this area of activity, the next step is to be promoted as a data analyst.

Necessary Skills:

Advanced English – German, French and Italian as secondary languages are an advantage.
You have to be passionate about new things and curious to identify answers.
You have to be creative and to desire to change facts into evolution processes.

E-mail: cv@ventasmundo.com